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  Welcome to Rustam Towel  
Our Production Departments

Rustam Towels experienced consistent annual double digit growth since 1998 by providing quality commercial textiles with exemplary customer service and competitive pricing

Turnover 40 Million USD with a production capacity of 17000 Kg (37500 Ibs) per day.
  Weaving Department  
48 Vamatex Looms
20 Jacquard Looms
17 Air jet Looms
State of the art sized beam handling system for touch less handling of yarn
Latest Humidification System that maintains the required Temperature and relative Humidity during manufacturing process
  Dyeing Department  
Dyeing and finishing equipment is of German origin. Plant is geared up to produce approximately 500,000 Kg’s of toweling products per month in solids and yarn dye. All products conform to AATCC quality standards for colorfastness, light fastness, washing fastness and shrinkages to CO6a2s standards.
All dyestuff & chemicals used by us are eco-friendly.
The lab is fully integrated with latest technology which ensure consistent quality product against customer requirements and standards.
We also have in-house yarn dyeing with capacity of 3500 kg per day.
  Stitching Department  
We are having automatic hemming machines and take pleasure in their performance. These machines are focused on producing good quality towel efficiently and consistently. Juki manual hemming machines and over edge machines are also installed. All these machines can easily produce 15 tons of towels per day.
One of the most important aspects in fabrication is pleasant environment and we have taken all possible actions to attain it.
Product flow has been designed to minimize material handling. Stitching, sorting, quality control, folding and packing is all done in one line. Each line has a manager assigned to it who is responsible for his unit’s efficiency, quality and production.
  Finishing Development  
Fully automatic length cutting/stitching machines (Kindai) and automatic slitting machine (Nishi) with capacity of 60,000 pieces per day. Prior to shipment an AQL2.5 is normally carried out unless the customer specifies differently.
  Embroidery / Velour Development  
In-house 12 Brudan embroidery  and 2 Velour machines.
  Metal Detector  
The factory has a needle policy and a metal detector too.
  Research & Development  
Through our constant research and development we develop products as per required performances, this is pertinent to mention the development of toweling products using Zero Twist Loop yarn.
This technology amazingly enhances the soft handle and absorbency of the towel which are The Quality aspects of towels.
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