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Quality Policy
  Product Development  
  We keep ourselves aware with the innovations being introduced in the textile product’s development process. Our product development collaboration keeps us ready to fulfill our client’s challenging demands. From time to time, we share added facilities and capabilities of us with our clients so that their requirements could be matched.  
  Manufacturing Control  
  Rustam Towel Pvt. Ltd acts as eyes and ears of its client throughout the product manufacturing process. Our team of merchandisers and quality control officer’s work hand in hand with the production team at all stages of order execution. We keep guiding both the client and production team during the production process and also keep the information circulating between both so that no surprise elements erupt. From fabrication to finish product, all concerns are shared with clients at the right time to ensure timely decision making.  
  Quality Assurance  
  The successful achievement of quality assurance originates from the passionate attention to detail of every step included in the procedure, whether it is carried out scientifically or aesthetically. Our teams of technically trained quality assurance inspectors assess quality by managing all the minor details in factory. This permanent field presence helps us to keep inspecting everything from start to finish and guiding the manufacturer when required. At Rustam Towel Pvt. Ltd, we work according to our client’s guideline and when not specified, to our own standards derived from years of experience. Our quality control procedures include on-site inspection, examination of in-line production, and a pre-shipment final inspection.  
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